Dealer Lobby TV 

Dealer Lobby TV is a customized television service for display in car dealership waiting areas.

Dealer Lobby TV provides a balanced mix of Entertainment, Dealership, and Manufacturer video content for display in customer waiting areas.  The service eliminates negative programming and competitor advertising which is often displayed on expensive cable or satellite services.  Improves the customer experience with more engaging content than found on daytime TV and promotes dealership and manufacturer brands.

  • High quality and up-beat video content
  • All video content is High Definition (HD)
  • 4+ hours of new programming every month
  • Video content delivered via the internet
  • Not a video streaming solution - service is not interrupted by internet outages
  • Low heat, low power, solid state media player = zero downtime
  • Small media player is mountable on back of most TVs and displays
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Month-to-month service agreement




Dealerships focus a large amount of time and money to get potential customers in the door. Why not market to those customers already in the door?  Dealer Lobby TV gives dealers a "private dealer TV station" which strengthens the brand relationship with existing customers and leverages money already spent by the store on TV advertising and regional dealer association marketing.  And unlike some digital signage providers in the automotive industry, Dealer Lobby TV accepts no 3rd party advertising. The only promotional content playing in your store is for your brand! 


Requirements for use:

  • Display or TV with HDMI connection
  • Internet access (WiFi or Ethernet)
  • Power

That's it!

Dealer Lobby TV is a fully managed service which automatically updates entertainment and manufacturer video content with no action needed from the dealership.  Want to display your latest TV ad or regional dealer association video?  Just provide us with your videos and we'll have them running in the playlist on your TV no later than the next day!
Dealer Lobby TV is available to dealers on a month-to month service agreement.  Set-up Dealer Lobby TV at your store for just $99/month and a one-time configuration cost of $499.
Call us at 1-800-697-3806 Ext. 3 to get started!


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